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Sports betting in best online casino singapore is always a battle between the player and the bookmaker. The bookmaker actually always has an advantage because he determines his profit margin and odds. However, it is possible to outsmart the bookmaker with the appropriate specialist knowledge. Our sports betting tip is to only place bets on sports and matches in which the customer knows the teams or players involved and the league.

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The Example:

For example, if you know what the team’s preferences are, whether there are favorite opponents or particular home strengths, you can take advantage of this knowledge. But even if it is known that an important match for the team is imminent in the following week, this knowledge can be used to ensure that the favorite in this encounter may not do everything possible to actually win it. There are numerous factors that can influence the outcome of a sports encounter. In addition, athletes are only human and are subject to strengths and weaknesses in shape. This goes perfect with sports betting  now.

Do without mathematical systems and favorite bets

If there is a streak of bad luck, many tipsters quickly panic and want to make up for the minus as quickly as possible. Then players quickly try to recoup their losses using mathematical systems. But things like that have nothing to do with sports betting. Instead, the sports team among the athletes must be analyzed as well as previous encounters. An important aspect is the shape of the team.

Betting on favorites is also not a good choice; it can put money management in trouble in the long run because the ratio of the odds to the risk is very bad. With odds as low as 1.05 or 1.15, the risk that the favorite will lose is simply too high.

Online sports betting- Pros and Cons

Avoid live betting and place solo tips

Live bets are particularly exciting and therefore ensure a lot of fun – but they also appear in almost no sports betting strategy. There are various reasons for this: on the one hand, the odds are not right in direct comparison with the matches in the Pre-Match area and are always a few percentage points worse. On the other hand, with real-time bets, decisions have to be made within a few seconds and a corresponding analysis and weighing of the tip is not possible. This often leads to wrong decisions.

Single bet Options

No professional player uses multiple bets. Although the profits are higher here because the odds are multiplied, the long-term risk is far too high. For this reason, high rollers focus exclusively on solo tips. Those who only place single bets will have long-term success. About the same make a visit to

Tip: Use sports betting providers without betting tax

In 2012, the introduction of the betting tax in Germany caused an outcry. Because German players are at a disadvantage compared to other betting friends from other countries due to the deduction of 5%. Nevertheless, they still exist: the bookmakers, who forego passing the betting tax on to their customers. Especially in combination with good odds, a significantly larger profit will land on the betting account. For this reason, betting tax must always be taken into account when comparing odds. In this way, a bad offer at first glance can quickly turn into the best rate.